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no,there are no games like that.

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Q: Are there any online animal games that you can create the animal and be the animal?
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Is there any animal mating games?

Zoo Club is an interactive online game. In this game you can create cross breeds of two different animals to create a new species.

Are there any online games that are like Animal Crossing?

There are The Sims Online and The Sims Carniva, both online Sims games that are similar to Animal Crossing.

Any online mythical animal games?

Not on THIS site, try Poptropica.

Is there any online virtual animal games with no email?

Are there any good online virtual animal games?

Neopets,Howrse,and Foopets

Is there any free online games where you can create a online family?

Yes there are lots of online games where you can be part of an online family like animaljam pixiehollow clubpenguin transformice pandanda ect.

Are there any fun online animal games? Download

Are there any Free online games of winx club?

google the winx club site and you can create an account and play games

Does the CBBC website have any animal games for children in the UK?

CBBC offers a variety of free children's games online. In their selection of games, there are games based around animals and games where the player controls an animal.

Are there any online virtual games where you are a wild animal?

Cat's paw island! You are a warrior cat there.

Free online animal games?

club WolfQuest Impressive Title are there any animal games that are good and fun and ect.

Are there any good games where you create your own avatar then chat online for free with no download?

Chapatiz Runescape, epic duel, Ps3 online...