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you can't the game wasen't made for cheets like this sorry

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Q: Code to catch shiny Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?
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Where do you catch a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire?

its completely random

Is there any Pokemon ruby code breaker codes for shiny Pokemon?


What is the action replay code to get all shiny Pokemon 1-386 in the PC in Pokemon ruby or sapphire?

Master code: DE00AAFD 2EBD05D0 530823D9 16558191 Code for shiny pokemon: 8636B1D6 CA4AB2A9 18452A7D DDE55BCC

Where to get a Shiny stone in Pokemon Ruby?

there is no shiny stone in Pokemon ruby it's only in sinnoh

Shiny Pokemon in ruby?

yea theres shiny Pokemon

In Pokemon ruby can you catch mew and Mewtwo?

Only if you have a code breaker and the master code for ruby plus the mew and mewtwo code

How do you catch yellow Magikarp in Pokemon ruby version?

Its called a shiny it occurs 1/8146 (i think) out of every Pokemon encounter

Were do you get the pokeradar to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

you can't get the pokeradar in Pokemon ruby

Pokémon-how to get shining Pokémon in ruby?

in ruby, you cant get shiny Pokemon, that is only for the two Nintendo DS games in ruby, you cant get shiny Pokemon, that is only for the two Nintendo DS games ~THE RIGHT ANSWER~ You CAN get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby. I caught a green Sandshrew before in Pokemon Ruby.

What is the game shark code to get Pokemon shiny in ruby version?

go to a different website and you can find them.

Pokemon ruby shiny Pokemon code?

The code is 8636B1D6 CA4AB2A9 18452A7D DDE55BCC for action replay v3 I use this for no$gba I do not know if it works on other gba emulators or the actual ruby

Can you catch a shiny Groudon in Pokemon ruby?

Yes you just need lots of patience something I don't have lol