Code for f2000 on bad company?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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there is no code for the f2000 you have to play at least 2 battlefield game, then link your gamertag to your ea account, then submit your gamertag at battlefield

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Q: Code for f2000 on bad company?
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What is the code for the weapon F2000 in battlefield bad company?

f2000 is not unlockable with a code, you need to have a account on bad company veterans.

What is F2000 redeem code for bad company?


What is the code for the fn f2000 in battlefield bad company?

There is no code for it.... You automatically get it when you get the Veteran achievement

Battlefield bad company fn200?

F2000 you missed the last 0 :D

What is the code to unlock the 5 weapon in Battlefield Bad Company?

usas av3somefir3pov3r uzi cov3ringthecorn3r qbu88 youar3mynextt4rget m60 i dont now f2000 i dont now

Who made the F2000?

It was made by the Belgium company FN Herstal.

Where is the F2000 developed in?

The F2000 assault rifle was developed in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal.

What is BC2 Code?

Bad company 2

How do you unlock f2000?

You Don't...

How do you get vip code on bad company 2?

When you buy the game, there will be a voucher inside the case with a code. This is your VIP code.

B company cheats to get the f2000?

I'm assuming you've already signed up for the Veteran's program. Go and download the Battlefield 2142 demo from Battlefield's website. Install, create an account, play 1 game (I spent 5 mins running around in a circle and firing my weapons). Log out, go to the Battlefield Veteran's program, add your Battlefield 2142 account that you just created. It will register the account to your EA/PSN accounts. Once you log back into Battlefield: Bad Company, check Unlocks in Multiplayer and you should see that you managed to unlock the F2000.

How do you get veteren achievement on battlefield bad company?

At this point the only way to get it is to go to and tell the EA people you can't get the veteran achevement because of there crummy website, then they'll give you the 5 or so unlock things to unlock the F2000 for BFBC1 and the M1 Garand for BFBC2.