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First you have to be at the menu where it says campaign, multiplayer, Zombies, and options. You have to get out of the tourcher chair (To do that look down at your self and hit LT RT alternatively until you break out {Pretty sure R2 and L2 for PS3} of the chair). Once out, go behind the TV menu where it says campaign, multiplayer, zombies, and options and find the computer (If you can't find it just look around the room until you get and option to press X or ■) Once at the computer screen (In it where you can type codes) type the code DOA. (Will ALREADY be capitalized)

D= as in DOG O= as in Octopus A= as in apple

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Q: Cod black ops how do you get to dead ops arcade?
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Is there five on cod black ops zombies iOS?

No ther is only kino der toten And dead ops arcade

What is the cheat code for dead ops arcade in black ops?


What is the name of the classified zombie map in black ops?

"Dead Ops Arcade"

How do you get dead ops for black ops on wii?

You have 2 get out the torchure chair and go to the computer and write "DOA" (dead arcade ops) DEAD ops

What are the codes for black ops?

3arc unlock. - unlocks "five" and dead ops arcade.

What do you type in on the computer in Call of Duty Black Ops?

DOA (Dead Ops Arcade) to get an arcade - 4 player - version of zombies

What are the fates in dead ops arcade?

call a duty black cops

How do you play 3 players on black cop?

u cant unles in BLACK ops dead ops arcade

What maps is there on black ops zombies?

kino der troten, "five", and dead ops arcade

How do you unlock dead ops arcade on black ops?

type in 'doa' on that computer or '3arc unlock'

What is after cod black ops?

MW3 is after COD black ops.

What are the nazi zombie maps in cod black ops?

kino der toten five and dead ops