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You cant except for the zombie map Dead Ops Arcade

email me at i can answer any questions about black ops 1 black ops 2 and world at war i know all secrets glitches hacks etc...

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Q: How do you play 3 players split screen on black ops?
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Call duty black ops how many players?

Call of Duty Black Ops is four player split-screen, and 2 can play split-screen online.

How do you get split screen for black ops on PC?

You cannot play split screen on the PC version

Can you play call of duty 5 multiplayer on Xbox 360 on the same screen?

Yes you can play multiplayer it is up to 4 players on split screen. To get to it go to multiplayer and click on split screen.

Can you play black ops split screen online?

Yes you can!

Can you play split-screen online in black ops?


How do you play 2 player split screen on black ops?

Just connect both controllers and go to multiplayer and split screen.

Can you play 2 players on story mode in moder warfare 2?

Sadly... no. You can play Special Ops multiplayer, Xbox Live and split screen. And you can play Xbox Live, Xbox Live but not split screen

How do you get the game halo reach on two players?

play with two people by playing split screen

Can you play call of duty black ops with two players on Xbox 360?

Yes The game does have a Co-op mode for online split-screen for Xbox 360 and PS3 and it also has a local split-screen multiplayer option see related link under multiplayer

Can you play split screen during online game zombies black ops?

yes you can

Is cod black ops two players on campaign if so how do you get on it?

No. It is not. Sorry. But it is two player split screen in multiplayer now. All you have to do is add another controller in the multiplayer screen and you can have a friend play with you right beside you on the same playstation.

Can 2 players play Call of Duty World at War online on same Xbox 360?

I believe that there may be a mod you can get for split screen, but if you don't intend to mod, there is no way to play online multiplayer split screen for WaW.