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go to the book room on the 2'nd floor of the coffee shop

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Q: Clubpenguin how do you open the treasure book?
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Clubpenguin how to open the treasure book?

click on toysclick on, " View the Treasure Book"

How do you get the treasure book in clubpenguin?

you get codes from clubpenguin toys

How do you get the treasure book on clubpenguin?

I think you are talking about the blue book? The treasure's book is hard to get

When you got three clubpenguin toys i went on clubpenguin got stuff out of the treasure book and so did my sister she got her clubpenguin treasure book but not me what happened?

you typed the code wong

What are the clubpenguin treasure book codes?


Can you unlock a guitar in treasure book in clubpenguin?


What is with the question mark page in the treasure book on clubpenguin?

The ? mark in the treasure book is only for people who have entered 5 codes or more on clubpenguin, (not including books).

Where do you buy a clubpenguin treasure book?

you can get a treasure book at barns and nobles or target they have the greatest deals ever!

Do the clubpenguin cards get you items from the treasure book?


Clubpenguin treasure book codes?

i have no idea sorry :(

Clubpenguin Once you have unlocked a book how do you get the treasure book?


Were is the treasure book in clubpenguin?

i know but im not going to tell you