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go to settings , then gameplay settings

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Q: Change the language on fifa 2010 Xbox 360?
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How can you change language in fifa 11?

I'm not sure if this works for xbox and ps3, but it definitely works for PC. When you see the slide at the start with Rooney, and it says: choose language or something, use the arrow keys on PC, or left stick on xbox to change languages. Then press a on PC or a on xbox to enter language

How do you change the language on FIFA 12 for PSP?

Check out the related link for a video on how to change the language on FIFA 12.

How do you play the FIFA World Cup 2010 on FIFA 11?

you can't you have to buy 2010 fifa world cup south africa and you need a ps3, xbox 360 or wii

When does fifa 11 come out for the xbox 360?

1st Of October 2010

How do you change a players name on fifa 09 on Xbox 360?

you can't :'(

How do you change the language on FIFA 10?

Go to settings, language and from there you can change the language. It may cost in some cases

Is fifa 11 out on october 1st on xbox 360?

It was released September 28, 2010

Does FIFA 11 from xbox work on ps2?

No it does not because that is an Xbox. PS3 Fifa 11 works on a ps2 because both of them are PlayStation. Xbox 360 Fifa 11 will work on normal xbox because both of them are xbox's. Get it? So Fifa 11 from Xbox does not work on a PS2. By Yamin

What video game systems is FIFA 2010 available for?

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa was released on April 27, 2010, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation Portable, and iOS. 199 of the 204 teams that took part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification are included in the game.

When is FIFA 12 coming out xbox 360?

FIFA 12 is already released on the xbox 360.

Does xbox 360 have fifa2010 games and ninja assain?

They have 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (X360)

Does fifa 09 come out on the Xbox?

It will on the Xbox360, not on the original Xbox