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Q: Can your kids go to school in sims 3 wii?
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Can you keep your kids and teach them on the Sims 3 Pets?

Kids need to go to school on the Sims 3 on PC.

What can you do on Sims 3?

This is on the wii version. You can make your own characters, they can be young, teenagers, adults, or old. You will move into a house of your pick. You can also have kids. Your teenagers and kids will go to school. You can go to restaurants, stadium games, and even hospitals. But if you don't take care of your sims, they will get sent away or even die!

What level in my sims for Wii do you get a bunkbed?

To tell you the truth you dont get the bunk bed you have to get the cheat code. Go to and then go to wii and then youhit cheat codes then you go to letter m and then you go to my sims and there is plenty of cheats there for my sims wii

Is there a cheat to not making your kid go to school on sims2?

No PS who ever you are you are crazy there is no kids in sims 2 i have that game there is no kids in it

Can you be kids in school in Sims 3 Ambitions?

unfortunately, no. the new buildings that came with the sims 3 ambitions you can go in and explore, but the buildings that came with the sims 3, like the town hall and school, everything that was there before will remain rabbit holes, which means you cant go and see what your Sims are doing

How do you eat apples on sims 3 wii?

go to

How do you go in the city hall on sims 3 wii?

You can't go in there or get a job from there.

How do you go to school with your sims?

You can't follow Sims to school or work.

How do you get the chocolate cake essence for my sims wii?

go into the forest x

Where are the pokeberrys on the sims castaway wii?

Well go looking and you will find them

How do you get to the jet in my Sims Agents for Wii?

Go to the top floor and then to the corner

Why on the Sims 3 when it is time for the teens and kids to go to school - it says school not in session?

School starts at 9:00. My guess is that it says school not in session because it's a weekend, or (if you have Sims 3 World Adventures installed), your Sim just returned from holiday.