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Yes You Can, That Is How I Got The Grisceous Orb.

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Q: Can you use walk through walls cheat in distortion world?
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Does anyone try walk through walls cheat on distortion world and it doesn't work because i tried it and i froze in my game but the distortion world music was still on and i could even save the gamewhy?

thas because you got stuck inside the wall. Do not use cheats

On Pokemon platinum how do you find a girtina?

While playing through the story you will end up in the distortion world with Cynthia. in the distortion world you will have to battle Cyrus after beating him Cynthia will heal your Pokemon. then you will be able to find giritina, in the distortion world.

In Pokemon Platinum are you allowed to go into the distortion world again?

Yes you're allowed to go to the distortion world again, but you have to go through Turnback cave to find it.

How do you get through the distortion world in pokemon platnum?

move the boulders to where the lake Pokemon are

How do get through the distortion world in turn back cave?

you have to have been to the very bottom floor of the distortion world,beat Cyrus,fought giratina and then the back at turn back cave.

How do you get through the distortion world in Pokemon platinum?

go up and find the spear pillar

In the Pokemon distortion world how do you get through?

Move the boulders around the place where the lake Pokemon are.

How do you get to the distortion world in Diamond?

You can't you can only get in the distortion world in platinum

How do you get in the distortion world in Pokemon Pearl?

No, only in Pokemon Platinum do you get the distortion world.

What is Alice in distortion world?

Alice in distortion world is a Japanese cellphone game.

Pokemon platinum how do you get to distortion world?

go to the top of mt. corbert to spear pillar and you will se a portal. go in it. another amazing cheat from the Pokemon master

Where is Giratina in pokemon platnuim?

The distortion world, you get there by going to spear pillar after going through Cyrus' base