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No, as nothing is forward compatible, though you could make millions if you could figure out a way to make ps3 controllers work for ps2, as well as ps3 games work for ps2's. Also, the ps3 controller is being updated to look a bit more like the ps2 one, as the lack of a rumble pack has gotten underneath of the skin of too many consumers. Also, the sixasis controller movement sensor seems to be more of a gimmick as it has yet to be successfully used in a hit game.

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Unfortunatly, no, PS2's controllers were some different type of cable, but the PS3 uses only USB cables for it's controllers, sorry. 06 August 2008- Actualy you can if you buy and adapter from £3 to £20 depending on were you get it. Have a look at this for more information,GGLD:2004-50,GGLD:en&q=ps2+controller+adapter+ps3&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&oi=product_result_group&resnum=1&ct=title

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no it does not even have Bluetooth technology for the PS3

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Q: Can you use ps2 controller on a PS3?
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Can you use the ps3 controller on a ps2?


Is there an adapter to convert my PS2 controller to use for my PS3?

Yes, there is an adapter that lets you use the controller for the PS2 with a PS3, it cost around $6.99.

Can you use the PS3 controller on PS2 with adapter?

Not a Dual Shock 3 PS3 controller

Can you use a wireless ps2 contoller for PS3?

it is called the ps2 controller not ps3 so not that i know you can do that

Use your controller for playstions games?

THis question is a little out there but ummm u can use ps2 controller to play ps2 game and ur ps3 controller to play ps3 games and if u get a high enough giga bite ps3 u can play ps2 GAMES on ps3

Can a ps2 game be played with a ps3 controller?

The PS3 controller does not work on the PS2 console

How can you hook up a ps2 controller to the ps3 with out an adapter?

No it is not possible to hook up a PS2 controller to a PS3 without an converter. The PS3 was never designed to use PS2 controllers, and even with a converter the controller will not feature all of the functions of the PS3 controller. It may be possible to rig a PS2 controller to work without a bulky converter, but you would have to build it yourself.

Will a ps2 v8 plus racer work for ps3?


Is the PS3 remote the same as PS2 remote for games?

The controller for the PS3 is different because it senses the movement of the controller and the PS2 controller does not.

Is there a way for you to use a PS2 controller on a PS3?

No you can not. Why would you want to play with less of a controller than a DualShock 3 anyway

Can you cut a wired ps3 controller and put it on a ps2 controller in use it on a ps3?

Just buy the amazon PS3 dual shock 3 for $40 in an assortment of colors. A wired controller is not even original equipment for a PS3 and is just some cut rate off brand controller that you want to try to adapt to an old PS2 controller.

Does a ps2 controller work on the ps3?