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Machine Soldier can special summon Machina Fortress, as it is a Machina monster. Machina Fortress has an inbuilt special summon method, but this is a 'you can' and not a 'can only' thing, it can be special summoned by other effects if you wish.

Since Machina Soldier is a machine, you are also allowed to use it to pay towards Machina Fortress's own special summon cost.

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Q: Can you use machina soldier for special summoning machina fortress?
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Can you send Machina Fortress and a machine monster to the Graveyard to then Special Summon that Fortress from the Graveyard in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, Machina Fortress can be discarded as part of the cost for its own effect, and then that same Machina Fortress can be special summoned from the graveyard.

Can you use 'Machina Fortress' to summon itself from the graveyard?

If it is originally in your hand, then yes, you may send the Machina Fortress in hand as well as one other monster, and then special summon that same Machina Fortress from the graveyard.

Is Machina Fortress' special summon effect considered to be activated from the hand or from the grave if you discarded it and one Machine to summon it in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Neither, Machine Fortress' special summon effect is not one that activates.

Can black luster soldier envoy of the beginning be special summon from the graveyard?

If the summoning conditions it can be Monster Reborned from the Grave Yard.

When Gemini Soldier's attack is negated does it still gain its special summoning effect?

No, it does not. It the attck is negated, it is like the attack never happened and the effect can not take place.

Is Ritual Summoning considered Special Summoning?

A Ritual Summon is a kind of Special Summon. Anything that affects a Special Summon (such as "Bottomless Trap Hole", "Royal Oppression", etc.) will affect a Ritual Summon.

What are Poseidon's special weaknesses?

his weaknesses are death and summoning the devil

Is Jinzo listed as a Fusion Material monster on any Fusion Monsters?

No, Jinzo is not listed as a Fusion Material monster for any Fusion Monsters.However, it can be used as a Fusion Material monster in the Fusion Summoning of Chimeratech Overdragon and to Special Summon Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.

Can your opponent use the effect of your flute of summoning dragon card and special summons dragons after you play it?

No, only the player who activated Flute of Summoning Dragon can special summon the dragons through its effect.

How do you use the wolf scrolls in runescape?

Summoning scrolls are used to invoke special moves of familiars within the Summoning skill. These scrolls are created by using Summoning pouches on a Summoning obelisk. Each pouch will transform into 10 scrolls. When a special move is used, the "Special moves" points will be reduced a certain number (see below) and the player will receive additional summoning XP (XP is only gained for manually activating a scroll in the player's inventory and not for scrolls activated by enchanted headgear).

Can you special summon a monster face down?

Not unless the special summoning effect specifically says you can, like The Shallow Grave does.

Is ritual summoning the same as special summoning or normal summoning in Yu Gi Oh?

All Ritual Summons are considered a Special Summon. However, not all Special Summons are considered a Ritual Summon. A Ritual Summon can only be performed with a Ritual Spell Card and a Ritual Monster. A Special Summon refers to any monster that is placed on the field in a way that is not a Normal Summon, Flip Summon, or Set. Also, Ritual Summons are never considered a Normal Summon.