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They make a PS2-like controller for the PC. You just have to install the driver. I don't see why they wouldn't make an XBOX-type controller for the PC.

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Q: Can you use an XBOX controller for the PC MW2?
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Does modern warfare 2 PC support Xbox controller?

No. You can not use an xbox 360 controller on mw2 for pc.

How do you play Skyrim on PC with an xbox 360 controller?

There is no way to use your existing Xbox 360 controller on your PC. However, Microsoft have released a PC controller which is a Xbox controller.

Can mw2 on PC use a controller?

Of course you can. It is set up to use a controller.

Can you use a wired xbox controller on battlefield play4free?

You need to buy a PC Xbox 360 controller.

Can you use a xbox controller on 2k13 PC?


How do you play max payne 2 on PC with an xbox 360 controller?

You can now buy an Xbox 360 controller just for PC. You cant use any existing controller for the Xbox 360 you have because its only for Xbox.

Can you use an Xbox 360 controller for warcraft III on your PC?


Can you use xbox controller on PC for Minecraft i have a power a xbox controller with usb cord but it doesnt connect help?

Yes it is possible to use a xbox controller (i have done it) but you need to use 3rd party programs to tell the controller what to do in game.

Can I use my xbox controller on my PC?

The X-box controller is not compatible with PC games it is only compatible with the X-box.

How do you connect an xbox 360 controller to a windows xp PC if you only have a wireless controller and controller charger?

The simple answer is you cannot connect a wireless controller to a PC with just the recharge kit, you will need to buy a wireless controller dongle, or a wired controller if you wish to use an Xbox 360 controller on you PC.

Can you use a Xbox 360 controller to your computer with a regular bluetooth receiver?

no the controller does not use bluetooth, there are adapters you can buy to use your controller with your PC

How do you get my 360 controller to work on my PC?

You have to get the Xbox 360 (PC) controller which is still the same price of an Xbox 360 (360) controller.