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Q: Can you use a PS3 wireless keypad for your PC keypad?
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What dose WEP key mean on PS3?

'WEP' is a form of wireless encryption. Your PS3 is asking for the same passcode that you use on your PC or laptop, to connect to your wireless network.

Can a person use a PS3 controller to play mwf2 on a PC?

It's not about the Game a PS3 controller is designed for the PS3 as a Bluetooth wireless controller that was not designed for the PC or supported by windows software or hardware.

Are there any Playstation controllers that you can plug into your computer and use to play PC versions of ps2 or PS3 games?

yes it's a wireless one for a ps2 The games are not PC versions of PS3 games they are PC versions of the Game and the PS3 game is a PS3 version of the game.

Will Guitar Hero 3 PC wired guitar work with PS2 hero?

yes and no, the guitar it self works fine... but it is the wireless receiver, i don't know why but if you use a PC receiver on the ps3 the guitar will register as a normal controler (dualshock) but if you use a ps3 receiver even if it is normally a PC guitar it will work just fine does any one have a way to make the PC wireless usb receiver work on ps3?

What does Wpa key mean for a ps3?

The WEP key is the key for your wireless router, it's the same passkey that your PC or laptop uses to get online.

Why won't your ps3 find my wireless network when your PC has no problem?

Make sure that your PS3 supports type of the wireless network you are using including security if you have one.

How do you get internet on a PC using a PS3?

You don't. A PS3 has WiFi, but you must purchase the internet service before the PS3 can have a connection. You use that same internet service for your PC. WiFi is the ability to pick up the internet wirelessly from your internet service only of you also have a wireless modem or router

Does your PS3 have to be connected to the PC to be online?

Answer no of course not. you don't even have to know what a PC is to connect a PS3 to the internet and it is connected to the modem or router no it can be plugged in to the phone line PS3 can not be connected to the internet with dial up WIRELESS INTERNET

How do you use PS3 without a PC?

A PC is not involved in the use of the PS3. I don't even know how you would use the PC with a PS3. I have both and they are both connected to the internet. If you are asking how do you use a PS3 without internet and using the word PC for the internet it does not require the internet to use the PS3 it just gives the PS3 the ability to do more and to make sure the PS3 and the games have updates. Of course without the internet you can only play offline

Can you use a plastation 3 controller on a PC?

You will need to search for a PS3 to PC driver. After, connect your PS3 to your PC with USB.

Do you have to have a PC to get on the internet on a PS3?

yes you do or it will say eorr all the time you try (not true) You don't have to have a PC for the slim PS3 to get on the internet, but you do need internet access. Most people do not have internet access unless they have a PC already. Some people live close enough to free wireless access than they can log into the wireless connection that is near them. You may even have a neighbor who has wireless and will let you use there access. In any case you can purchase internet access without purchasing a PC if you choose to do so.

Can you use a PC game for the ps3?