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No. The PlayStation 3 doesn't have the PlayStation 2's input sockets for the controllers. However, Sony were planning to release a USB adaptor for the PS3 so that you could use your old controllers. It was never released, and is never being released in the UK, but I'm not sure about other territories such as the US or Japan.

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Q: Can you use PlayStation 2 controller on PlayStation 3?
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Can you use a PlayStation 2 controller on a PlayStation 3?

yes, but you will have to get a converter

How can you play Guitar Hero 3 for PlayStation 2 on PlayStation 3?

no you cant Gohan Blaze: No your wrong you can play playstation 2 games on playstation 3 but unfountately your gonna have to use the controller so he/she is only half right there isn't a slot for the playstation 2 controller guitar. The playstation 3 controllers and guitar is all wireless.

Will a wireless controller for PlayStation 2 work with PlayStation 3?


Do you need Kinect for Littlebigplanet 2?

No, Kinect is an Xbox 360 product only and will not work with a PlayStation 3 console. A controller similar to Kinect that works on PlayStation 3 is the PlayStation Move. The LBP 2 is Move Compatible and can use either the Move controller and the navigational controller or the Dual Shock 3

Can you use a Playstation 2 guitar hero wireless controller on a Playstation 3?

I don't think so I'm afraid

PlayStation 2 controller for the playstation 3?

yes, but you will need to get a converter

Can a wireless PlayStation 3 controller be placed into a PlayStation 2 and work all its games?


Will a ps3 controller work for ps2 games?

On a PlayStation 3 that is backwards compatible the controller will work on the PS2 games on other 2 USB port PS3 it is the Games that will not work. For the questions on "How do I use my PlayStation®3 controllers with PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 format software on a PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system?" a related link has been added

Can you play PlayStation move heroes without PlayStation move controller?

No the game requires the Playstation Move controller and Playstation Eye Camera, but you can use the Dual Shock 3 controller instead of the move navigational controller

Is there a Playstation 3 controller that is simplified for younger children to use?

There is no siplified version of the PS3 controller available.

Will my old controllers work with my new Playstation 3?

The only way that older Playstation 2 dual shock controllers will function with a Playstation 3 unit is through the use of a Usb controller adapter cord which allows the controller to be plugged in through the units Usb port and used.

Use a ps3 controller on xbox 360?

A PlayStation 3 controller will not work on a Xbox 360 controller. Why wont it work Not possible. How