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No, note the difference between 'negate' and 'destroy'. When 'Magic Cylinder' activates, it doesn't matter what happens to the 'Magic Cylinder' card, it will not stop the activated effect from resolving. Chaining 'Dust Tornado' to it will do nothing. What you need is a card that will negate the effect too, such as 'Trap Jammer' or 'Solemn Judgment'.

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Q: Can you use 'Dust Tornado' to counter cards like 'Magic Cylinder' and etc?
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Can non-counter trap cards like Dust Tornado destroy magic cards like Change of Heart the moment they are played?

Yes, but nothing would happen. Dust Tornado does not negate anything, therefore Change of Heart will resolve correctly anyway (ie, once correctly activated, destroying Change of Heart's card will do nothing to stop the effect). In order to stop the effect, you need a negation card.

Can 'Interdimensional Matter Transporter' save your life points if your opponent activates cards like 'Magic Cylinder' or 'Dimension Wall'?

Yes. If Magic Cylinder or Dimension Wall's targets leave the field before they can resolve, they will not deal any damage.

What yu gi oh cards make your opponent lose life points when they attack your monsters?

I know only Magic Cylinder

Is magic cards spell cards the same thing?

Spell cards and Magic cards are the same. The reason for the confusion is because Magic cards were changed to Spell cards during the release of Magician's Force.

What is Tornado Bird?

Tornado Bird is a lv.4 WIND Winged Beast. It has a 1100 ATK and a 1000 DEF. It's Flip Effect is "Return 2 Magic or Trap Cards on the field to the hands of their owner." It's deck code is LON-072.

What ability would a blue object give if it was magical in 'Magic The Gathering'?

I'm not sure I got the question right.but blue abilities in magic the gathering are usually:draw cards,counter spells andevasion abilities, for example: unblockable or flying

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Yugioh Can a quick play magic such as mystical space typhoon be used on a normal magic card suchas heavy storm or can a counter trap only be used against it?

Yes, but make sure the counter trap card says it can counter a magic card (or whatever else you want to counter). Same for quick play spell cards, but mystical space typhoon wouldn't work because mystical space typhoon only says that it destroys 1 spell or trap card on the field. It does NOT say that it negates the effect.

In yugioh can you use a magic card or do you have to use spell card?

they are the same the more moder cards are spell cards and the older cards are magic cards they are both useable

Can 'Magic Cylinder' or 'Draining shield' be used when 'Obelisk the Tormentor' declares an attack?

No, both cards target, and Obelisk cannot be targeted. Use Widespread Ruin instead, it does not target.

How On magic set editor how do you get chaotic cards?

You can not. They are not part of Magic the Gathering.

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