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Sadly no.

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Q: Can you travel to any other regions in Pokemon Platinum?
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Can you go to the other regions if you beat the battle frontier in platinum?

No, but you can find Pokemon's from other regions

What is a REAL ar code for Pokemon platinum to change Sinnoh to different regions?

There is no Action Replay code to travel to different regions or change Sinnoh to any other region.

In Pokemon diamond can you travel to other regions?


How do you get to other regions in platinum?

you cant. its just a one region version of pokemon.

Ar code on Pokemon platinum to go to other regions?

I dont think there is one.

Can you travel to other regions in Pokemon black version?

No u can't

Can you go to other regions on Pokemon platinum because you can on emralde?

I am not certain it is possible to go to other regions in Platinum, but I don't think they are accessible simply because you could do that it in the Emerald version. The only way (in my opinion) to get to the other regions are by using Action Replay cheats.

Can you travel to other regions in Pokemon Pearl?

no only in heartgold and soulsilver versions

Can you travel to different region in Pokemon sapphire?

You can only be in the hoenn region you can travel to any other regions

How do you get Kanto starters in Pokemon platinum?

Go to other regions and talk to the professors sorry that's all i know

What is the action replay code that allows you to travel to the other regions in Pokemon diamond?

There is none

Are there any trainers in platinum that have starter Pokemon from the other regions in platinum?

I don't think so but check victory road. Y do you need them anyway? you cant catch trainers Pokemon unless you have an action replay