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You can only be in the hoenn region you can travel to any other regions

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Q: Can you travel to different region in Pokemon sapphire?
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Is there a next map Pokemon sapphire?

No. It's only one map. Believe me, I've completed it and done everything. I have 9999 Master Balls. If by 'next map', you mean new region to visit or explore, then no. Unfortunately, there is no chance of traveling to the Kanto, Johto or Sinnoh regions in Sapphire or Ruby version. The only Pokemon games that can currently allow you to travel to different regions are Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal.

How do you get to the next region in Pokemon platnium?

The only region in Pokemon Platinum is Sinnoh (Gen. IV). You can also travel to Reverse World, however it is not considered a region.

Can you get Rotom on Pokemon silver?

yes because in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver you travel to every region.

What is a REAL ar code for Pokemon platinum to change Sinnoh to different regions?

There is no Action Replay code to travel to different regions or change Sinnoh to any other region.

How do you get to the next region on pokemon pearl?

beat the pokemon league then go to snowpoint city. go to the gym and then travel straight down and somewhere aroung there will be a ship. then u can travel to and island that has the hoen kanto and johto region pokemon.

Is there a Pokemon game hack that allows you to travel to each region?

No sorry

How do you get to jubilife city in Pokemon Sapphire?

Jubilife City is located in Sinnoh, not Hoenn. Since Pokemon Sapphire takes place in Hoenn, Jubilife City is not accesible. You can buy a copy of Diamond, Pearl or Platinum in which travel through Sinnoh.

How do you get to dream island on Pokemon Sapphire?

you can trade Pokemon with lots of people, if u have the correct id that summons the island, travel towards route 128 and it will appear

What do you do on Pokemon games?

You get your very own Pokemon and you travel around the region trying to become the Pokemon League Champion and complete your Pokedex.

Pokemon Sapphire what do Pokemon do in a daycare?

If leave Pokemon in the daycare, they level up according to how much you travel. More travel = more experience. Also, if you leave two Pokemon (one boy and one girl or one undetermined) and they like each other, you'll find an egg.

Where do you find rayquazza in Sapphire?

When you beat the Pokemon league, travel to sky pillar. After that there will be mazes so go to the final door and catch rayquaza

How do you get to a different region in black 2?

You cannot go to a different region in Pokémon Black 2, Unova is the only region that you can travel through.