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Why not? There is no evidence that they do anything to begin with. It would be the same thing as if you slept with a regular bracelet.... or if you slept with your socks on.

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Q: Can you sleep with the power balance bands on?
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Are power balance bands a hoax?


What do power balance bands do?

they improve your balance and make u look stylish

Do power balance bands work?

No! It does not work at all!

Can you sleep with a power balance?

yes you can

Does amazon sell authentic power balance bands?


Is there a lifespan on the power balance wristbands?

no because the power balance bands are placibos or things that make you think they work so no there is no lifespan on power balance bands because they do nothing

Can you wear power balance bands in the shower?

Of course, its made from waterproof material.

What is balance and power?

A power balance bracelet is a new trend in the fashion industry. The bands are made of metal and are believed to balance the chi or energies and exert positive healing and therapeutic effects on the body.

What do Eken Evolution Power Bands do?

Eken Evolution Power bands state that their users claim that the bands increase strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and general well being. They also claim to help counteract fatigue, stress, and the effects of EMF pollution. The power bands use nano frequency infusion technology (nFIT) to help keep the body in balance and in harmony with the Earth's vibrations.

Are power balance wristbands safe?

Yes, the bands are safe there can be A lot of people wearing a bracelet.

Where can you buy power balance bands in Egypt?

sports mall or u may find it in pharmacies

Where can you buy power balance bands in India?

you can buy it online and at leading sports shops and shopping malls