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Q: Can you skip the first cut scene in prototype?
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Can you skip scenes in Dirge of Cerberus?

Yes you can, If you press start button while in a cut scene there will be a button (x) to skip the cut scene,

Skip missions on grand theft auto vice city?

To skip a mission tap x while the cut scene plays.

Does uncharted 2 have skippable cutscenes?

Yes, you can skip every cut scene if you want to.

Can you skip seens in red dead redemption?

Most cut scenes yes but certain ones like the skinning scene cant be skipped

How do you get your hair cut scene?

Well, first look up scene cut on your computer and print out what you want your hair to look like. Then show your hairstylist. They should know what to do. I have a scene cut and, trust me! You will love it!

Will the airport scene get cut for the UK on Modern warfare 2?

No it doesn't get cut out. But, you do get the option to skip the level if you want to and skipping it does not affect your achievements. You don't get an achievement for doing the level anyway.

How do you cut a scene in videopad?

To cut a scene in VideoPad, first position the timeline indicator where you want to make the cut. Then, click on the clip you want to cut to select it. Finally, use the 'Split' tool in the toolbar to split the clip at the desired point. This will effectively cut the scene into two separate parts.

What is the best weapon in prototype 2?

The best weapon is to cut people

Can you skip the cut scenes in uncharted 3?

You can skip them by pressing the Start button.

Do sly and carmelita kiss?

the only time i have seen them is during a cut scene in the first game

How do you skip the cut scenes in assassin creed?

you cant

What is the longest cut scene in Kingdom Hearts?

One of the longest cut scenes in Kingdom Hearts (The first game) is probably the ending scene, since there is a conversation between Sora and Kairi, and there is a long song afterwards. Very dramatic. :P