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These are all the heart events for marlin:

1 heart: Go to Marlin's/Vesta's house at 6:00 a.m. and a cut scene with happen. Visit in the spring of the first year.

2 hearts: In the summer once you leave Marlin/Vesta's house a cut scene will happen with you and marlin by the scarecrow.

3 hearts: In the fall when you cross the bridge to Vesta's farm a cut scene with happen with Celia and Marlin by the river.

4 hearts: In the winter go to their farm and a finally cut scene will happen by the windmill.

Hope this helped i married Marlin, he's so sweet :)

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Q: What are Marlin's heart events in harvest moon another wonderful life?
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well you must have all the hearts and love events with him and then propose to him on a sunny day

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Which Harvest Moon are you playing? You can marry Nami in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, A Wonderful Life: Special Edition, and Harvest Moon DS. The way you get married is different depending on the game. For A Wonderful Life propose with the Blue Feather when Nami has Four Hearts in her Diary. For Harvest Moon DS you must complete all the marriage requirements. Which are: Upgrade your house twice Buy the double bed See all four heart events Have a Red Heart with her Rescue at least 60 Harvest Sprites After that you can propose with the Blue Feather.

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um....... i don't know but i think the first one is at your house i think ........ um....... ya i am really shy ............. bye !

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Leia doesn't have any rival events. The point of rival events are to get the bachelorette and another guy married. But there is no guy in town Leia will marry besides the main character. The Harvest Goddess, the Witch Princess, and Keria also do not have any rival events.

How many days are in each season in the game harvest moon another wonderful life for Nintendo GameCube?

There are 10 days in each season. You can check the date and events coming up on your calender. Find your calender on the wall in your house between the cabinet and the shelf. Another thing your calendar will tell you is when Van is coming. He comes on the third and eighth day of every season. Also, there are four seasons in a year. === ===

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their are no heart event just a lot of requrments

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u need to find 60 harvest sprites and see all heart events

In Harvest Moon DS What are heart events?

Heart events are like Random Events but romantic. Heart Events Are mandatory to do with the person you like in order to marry them.

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