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Nope, You can't sell Key Items. :3

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Q: Can you sell your bike in Pokemon diamond?
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Can you sell your Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

no you can not sell your pokemon

Where do you get bike in Pokemon Diamond?

The eterna city bike shop.

How do you hatch a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You run or bike around.

Where is the bike shop in Pokemon diamond?

The bike shop is in Eterna City.

Can you jump on your bike on Pokemon diamond?

the only way to jump on bike is to jump of a cliff!

Where do you find the bike manager in Pokemon diamond?

He is in Eterna City, to the south of the Pokemon Center.

In Pokemon diamond how do you get to the mountain that separates Sinnoh?

you can get to it through the bike road south of eterna. you have to get a bike first.

How do you get up those mudy hills on Pokemon diamond?

you have to find a way to eterna city and get a bike :)

What do you do with the pearls from digging in Pokemon diamond?

sell them

How do you get the bike in pokemon diamond?

To get a bike, you have to rescue the bike shop owner from the galactic building in Eterna city. Then, go to his bike shop and he will give you a free bike.

Pokemon diamond where you get expshare?

go to the bike path at eterna city

How do you get the bike on Pokemon diamond?

You have to beat the Eterna City gym leader and get cut and fee the bike owner from team galactics building and go to the bike shop