Can you rent a house on the sims 3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think you can

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Q: Can you rent a house on the sims 3?
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How do you make a house for rent on the sims 2?

You can't. Only if you have the sims 2 university expansion. The it will say rent house or something

Can you rent the sims 2 yet?

you can rent the PS2 version and the version for any other gaming system minus the PC. they don't rent out the sims 3 because of the code that is needed for it to actually work.

Can you build your own house in The Sims 3?

Yes, you can build your house in The Sims 3. However, building a house in The Sims 3 requires a certain amount of skill, especially for houses with multiple floors.

How many sims can you have on one house on the soms three?

on the sims 3 you can have 8 sims in one house, just like in the sims 2

How do you rob a house on sims 2?

I'm sorry but you can't rob somebodies house on the Sims 2 you can on the Sims 3 but no not on the Sims 2.

How do you rent out an apartment on sims 2?

you cant rent out any apartments on sims 2

How do you play sims 3 without buying it?

rent it from a movie or game store

How do you pay the rent in the sims 3?

Click on you'r mailbox hope i helped :)

Can you make a 2 story house on Sims 3 PS2?

no, the sims 3 is only available for the PC.

How do you go to someone elses house on sims 2?

It is IMPOSSIBLE on sims 2 but on sims 3 you can go to someone Else's house. Hope that helps!

Can you have more then 6 sims on Sims 3?

Yes. One the PC game, you can have 8 sims to a house. However, on the Xbox 360 game, you can only have 6 sims to a house.

What is the most expensive house on Sims 3?

the v Vasquez's house