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No, you can't rename traded Pokémon legitimately, you will have to use a cheating device for it such as an Action Replay.

Here is the Action Replay code for it.

5215BE54 2800FB2B

0215BE58 B0022001

0215BE5C 1C388028

D0000000 00000000

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Q: Can you rename traded Pokemon in Pokemon black?
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Can you rename your Pokemon in Pokemon black 2?

Yes you can, you go to Castelia city and go to the farthest left alley. Go into the first building to the left. Inside will be a man that looks like an artist. Talk to him, he'll say that he is the name rater. Though you can not rename traded pokemon.

How do you rename Pokemon in silver?

In slateport city there is a name rater who can rename your Pokemon remember Pokemon traded to you can't be renamed.

Is there some sort of gameshark etc code that will allow you to rename a traded Pokemon in Pokemon leaf green?

yes 7635987305

How do you rename your Pokemon in black?

There is a name rater in Castelia city.

How do you get thunderus in Pokemon Black?

Needs to be traded from Pokemon White.

Does pokemon on black and white can to be traded on soulsilver?


In Pokemon Diamond how do you rename transferred or traded Pokemon?

Unfortunately, you cannot nickname traded Pokemon in this game, or any Pokemon game for that matter. You can nickname your own caught Pokemon by going to the Condominiums next to the PokeMart in Eterna City and ask the old man near the entrance. I hope that you will make do!

Can you name the Pikachu colored pichu?

Yes. A shiny Pichu is a same color. You can evolve a Pikachu-colored Pichu. It comes with an everstone when you receive it.

Where do you find Reinclus in Pokemon black?

You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon White or Black, if they have already traded.

Can you rename a pokemonin HeartGold?

In Goldenrod city, there is a tent where the name rater is. Talk to him to rename your Pokemon. However, you cannot change the names of any Pokemon you have traded in or migrated from another game. You can purchase an Action Replay DS / DSi/ 3DS and change any Pokemon name even if its not your Pokemon under your Trainer ID.

How do you rename a pokemon in HeartGold?

You can rename a pokemon by going to the Name rater

Do eggs that have been traded in Pokemon black and white hatch?