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As far as I know, you have a pretty kick-butt team. I don't have lapras in my dex though! I' d love to know how you got them cuz I'm lost. my main team is empoleon crobat golem jolteon and the rest changes -i use gyrados a lot though- some times i occasionally use ditto wich has so far been better with breeding than battle. but yeah, great team!

You can get lapras in a certain water hole inside victory road

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Q: Can you rate this Pokemon team of Metagross aerodactyl Garchomp Tyranitar lapras and electivire and make any suggestions on different Pokemon if you have any?
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What would you swap a Metagross maybe Garchomp for Team Tyranitar Dragonite Elektrive Magmortar Vaporeon Gengar?

I would swap Tyranitar for Metagross; or Dragonite for Garchomp.

Which should you choose to be in your main team Tyranitar or Metagross?

TYRANITAR he's already the lkeader on my main team

What team is best for Pokemon platinum?

Infernape Golduck Rypherior Sceptile Tyranitar Electivire

What is the list of Pseudo legendaries?

There are only 5, which are: Dragonite Salamence Garchomp Tyranitar Metagross

What Pokemon do you think sonic would get?

Pikachu,Snivy,Aegislash,Metagross,Gigalith,Tyranitar,and Avalugg

I have Tyranitar Metagross and dragonite in Pokemon ruby you think which is the strongest why?

that depends on the moves, the levels, and the natures.

Is this a good Pokemon team electivire Gengar Infernape Tyranitar tangrowth gallade?

yeah but it can be better :D

Which Pokemon are stronger options for the team Infernape Starmie Skarmory Blissey Tyranitar and Azelf or Metagross or Salamance and Weavile?

to be honest i would choose Inferape Tyranitar Metagross Salamence Weavile Starmie that should be a good team because they can all have a big variety of moves!

Can you rate my Pokemon lineup of Arcanine dragonite Tyranitar salamence Garchomp and Metagross?

That's a great team

Is this a good team for Pokemon diamond Tyranitar dragonite Infernape Metagross rampardos and Garchomp Can you rate out of 100 pleaz?

80/100 I'm not sure about Tyranitar What do you mean, Tyranitar is awsome, Starters are not good, Ramparados learns horrible moves

How can you beat Pokemon Colosseum?

Beat Evice With Pokemon Over 60's or you can beat evice with metagross lvl 70 metagross save metagross for machamp because metagross know's psychic or espeon lvl 70 because machamp know's earthquake and catch tyranitar with a master ball i think he is lvl 55

Rate your Pokemon LeafGreen team Dragonair lv 50 Aerodactyl lv 45 Charizard lv 49 Blastoise lv 49 Venusaur lv 60 you havent decided a sixth one any suggestions but not legendaries?

get a Tyranitar on lv. 56. He is a beast in that game trust me.