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well i have all of them charizard is the best then dragonite, tyranitar, alakazam and the weakest blastiose. PS. GO CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: Can you rate this Pokemon lineup of Blastoise Charizard alakazam Arcanine dragonite and Tyranitar and make any suggestions if you have any?
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What is the best Pokemon team with Blastoise?

Blastoise, Dragonite, Zapdos, Tyranitar, Alakazam/Mewtwo, Moltres/Arcanine

Is Tyranitar lapras Charizard dragonite moltres and mewtwo a good team in LeafGreen?


Can you rate my Pokemon fire red lineup of Scizor Gyarados dragonite Charizard hypno and Tyranitar and please make suggestions if you have any?

Weaknesses: Scizor- Fire (4x) Gyarados: Electric (4x), Rock Dragonite: Dragon, Ice (4x), Rock Charizard: Electric, Rock (4x), Water Hypno: Bug, Dark, Ghost Tyranitar: Bug, Fighting (4x), Grass, Ground, Water, Steel

Can you rate my Pokemon fire red lineup of Blastoise slowbro Arcanine Charizard dragonite and Tyranitar and please make suggestions if you have any?

your teams ok but mines far better!! before national pokedex pidgeot lv 57 arcanine lv 58 viliplume lv 57 electabuzz lv 58 gengar lv 57 blastoise lv 60 after national pokedex pidgeot lv 82 arcanine lv 83 vileplume lv 82 tyranitar lv 83 salemence lv 82 blastoise lv 85

What of these Pokemon should you use on your team Magnezone gallade Gengar Milotic Blastoise tortegga slaking regigagas gyrados salamence donphan Tyranitar dragonite latios or any other suggestions?

use dragonite because it can use four types of attacks and if not my personal favorite haunter

What are the recommended Pokemon to get in Pokemon FireRed?

i used non legends charizard, gyarados, executtor, alakazam tyranitar, and dragonite

Do I have a good Pokemon Team Tyranitar Typhlosion Blastoise Sceptile Luxray and Dragonite?

Only if you have the best moves and great power.

When will a Blastoise evolve into a dragonite?

Blastoise will never evolve into a Dragonite.

What Good moves you should teach my Pokémon in LG i have Tyranitar 59 dragonite 59 Charizard 68 mewtwo 74 Zapdos 65 Articuno 55 MOVES and where can i find it . and level they can learn it..?

dragonite and tyranitar are 61 now and all are level 1 added

LeafGreen strongest team without legendaries?

it dependz on if you already have national dex if so i have tyranitar lapras charizard/venusaur dragonite aerodactyl and i rock!!!!!

How can you improve this Pokemon Diamond team?

My team is the following Snorlax Electivire Charizard Dragonite Tyranitar Walrein what Pokemon would you change, im not sure about walrein

Is my pokemon team good Charizard Zekrom dragonite Tyranitar Samurott and torterra?

honestly... no because it has three flying types. one rock throw and its over.