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Sometimes, to put a game channel on the wii the game you are trying to make a channel has to offer to make the channel. I know that Mariokart will ask you if you would like to add their channel and from there you say yes and they do the rest.

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Q: Can you put a game channel on the Wii?
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On Wii Fit Plus do you have to have Wii Fit Plus channel to get full benefit of game?

The wii fit plus channel is there just so you can quickly do your weight in's everyday without having to put in the game disc and it will apply the data onto the actual game but you dont need it to get the full benefit of the game

Can DS games be played on a Wii?

no a ds game cannot be played on the wii only if there is a game out for ds that is also out for wii no a ds game is a micro chip and a wii game is a disc so on the wii console there would be know place to put the ds game that slot in the combartment on the wii is for a sd card for use in the photo channel

Where do you get Pokemon Rumble Wii?

You can download the game from the Wii shop channel.

Can you get the mariokart Wii channel on your Wii menu?

When i started the game it downloaded the channel on Wii home menu if it didn't, go to the game settings ''in the game not Wii settings'' and find mariokart Wii channal or something like that,then there should be download.Hope i helped u.

Can you use the Wii speak channel to use Wii speak or do you need a game that runs Wii speak?

You don't need a game that uses Wii speak. As long as you have Wii speak and kept the Wii ticket number, you can go to the Wii Shop Channel and downoad it.

How do you put super Mario 64 on your wii?

Buy it from the Wii Shop Channel.

How do you put wii games onto your hard drive i already have the usb channel though i have no games?

huh lol funny theres no usb channel to play the games you buyed just put the disck inside the wii and make sure you put it in the right way and then wait then lock up then click on the wii channle then click on your game

How can you play GameCube games on the Wii?

You put the game in where you would put a wii game.

Where to get Pokemon Ranch?

erm,... Pokemon Ranch is a channel on Nintendo Wii. You have to download the game off the wii shop channel.

Can you surf the web on Wii game system?

Yes, you can use the Wii's Internet Channel to do so. You have to download it from the Wii Shop Channel, but it does not cost anything to download.

Do you get wii points back if you delete a channel that you used Wii points for?

to put it simply, no.

Is there a Wii game that you can earn Wii points on to use on the Wii shop channel?

no you have to buy the points from the Nintendo wii channel and u cant earn them! but that would be a cool thing to add.