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yes you have to click R3 on ps3

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Q: Can you poof with albert wesker on re5?
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Why did albert wesker die in RE5?

Theo linder ate him and suck him in his stomach and skinny kid r.a.p.e him

Does Ada die in re5?

Ada is not in Resident Evil 5. Though Chris Redfield, Sheva Alomar, Albert Wesker, Excella, and Jill Valentine are in this game.

Can you play as Wesker in story mode re5?

Yes you can but you need a mod

When was Albert Wesker created?

Albert Wesker was created in 1996.

Was the tyrant in resident evil?

Yes he was the final boss on re1 ps1 and gc he was an experiment albert wesker was working on and he breaks out of the glass case he was set in and albert wesker get killed by tyrant

Is Chris Redfield's arch nemesis?

Albert Wesker is considered to be Chris Redfield's arch-nemesis in the Resident Evil series. Wesker is a recurring antagonist who has a long history of conflict with Chris and other characters in the franchise.

What does wesker say in mercenaries when his partner dies?

Albert Wesker on mercenaries say something different with every person. If you are Wesker and your partner is Chris, when Chris dies, Wesker will yell, "Worthless!", If you are Wesker and your partner is Jill, when Jill dies, Wesker will yell, "Incompitence surounds me!" If you are Wesker and your partner is Sheva, when Sheva dies, Wesker will yell, "Pa-thetic!". He doesn't say, "Oh no hes dead." lol

Who is the best bad guy in the resident evil series?

Albert Wesker.

Who is Jake muller's parents?

Albert Wesker and probably Excella Gionne

Who is playing Albert Wesker in the next Resident Evil Movie?

Shawn Roberts.

Can you play albert wesker in story mode?

i think so but you need a mod

Who is the last boss Resident Evil 5?

Albert Wesker is the last boss