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In most cases you can.

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Q: Can you play rockband with a Guitar Hero guitar?
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Can you play Guitar Hero on ps2 with joystick?

No. You have to have a guitar (Can be "Rockband" or "Guitar Hero" guitar or a drum set.)

Can you play rock band acdc with Guitar Hero 3 guitar Wii?

Yes, Guitar Hero and Rockband guitars will work for both things.

Can Guitar Hero controllers play any Guitar Hero game?

Yes they should be able to. Although rather obvious, they don't work with Rockband.

You own some Guitar Hero games on the Xbox and you were wondering is it possible to play other Xbox games with the Guitar Hero guitar controller?

Probably not but go ahead and give it a try you would be able to use your guitar hero guitar controller for all of the Rockband games

Will rock band help you play the guitar?

Yes, Rockband and Guitar Hero hellp you play the guitar because it stimulates your muscles in the same way and gets you used to playing different notes and strumming.

Can you use a guitarhero 2 guitar for rock band2?

No you can't. Rockband is for the 360 and PS3. Guitar hero controllers wouldn't even be able to be plugged into the console. Actually, Rockband does come for the ps2, and yes you can use guitar hero guitars for Rockband. Rockband also comes for the WII. No you can not.

Can you play Guitar Hero with a guitar from rock band?

You can play Rock band with a guitar hero guitar, but you can't play Guitar Hero with a Rock Band guitar.

How do you play Guitar Hero 3 with a Guitar Hero 5 guitar?

The same way you play with a GH3 guitar

Which Guitar hero's need to have the guitar controller?

Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero Metallica

Can you play Guitar Hero 4 on Guitar Hero world tour?

Guitar Hero World Tour is Guitar Hero 4.

Is it possible to play Guitar Hero 3 with Guitar Hero World Tour band set like drums and a mic?

Depends on if it is the Wii, Xbox 360, or Playstation On Wii, no but everything else they do. For Wii, Rockband drums don't have as many colors but, on other systems Rockband and Guitar Hero: World Tour have the same amount of colors.

How do you play Guitar Hero 3 with an xbox360 controller?

You can't. The game recognizes when a controller is plugged in vice a guitar. The same as Rockband/GHWT can tell the difference between the mic, drums, and guitars.