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Yes you can just plug it in and play

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Q: Can you play rock band with a reguler controller for ps2?
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Can you play the beatles rock band on xbox360 with an xbox360 controller?

yes you can play the beatles rock band with the xbox360 controller if you have an xbox and if your singing

Do you need a Wii controller to play Rock Band?


Can you play the beatles rock band on the PS3 with a PS3 controller?

u can play it on ps3 but you can't use the ps3 controller

Do you need a PS3 controller to play Rock Band?

The PS3 controller is necessary to do the vocals, but you can play drums and guitars without having a PS3 controller.

Do you need the drums to play the beatles rock band?

no. but you need a guitar, or microphone and controller to play

Is rock band available for playstation 2?

Yes it is but you might have to play with the controller

How do you play thebeatles rock band on 360 with the xbox360 controller?

it should be on the settings

Will Guitar Hero 3 guitar for wii work with rock band 2?

Yes. I use my GH3 controller when I play Rock Band.

If you have two guitars can you play bass and guitar on rock band?

yes. they are the same controller.

Can you play a Guitar Hero game with a Rock Band Guitar?

Unfortunately, no, a Rock Band guitar controller will not work for Guitar Hero games. However, a Guitar Hero guitar controller will work for Rock Band. You could also use the wire less Rock Band Guitar on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Why doesn't Rock Band let you use the controller?

Rock Band does let you use the controller, but can only be used if you have a singer in the band.

Can you play rock band wii with the ps2 guitars?

No. If the controller is for the PS2, it will ONLY work with that console, just like a regular controller.