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The Sony PlayStation entertainment system lacks a DVD drive, so no, DVDs cannot be played, regardless of their region code. However, if you possess a PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 designed to NTSC U/C (United States/Canada) games, it will be capable of playing back Region 1 DVDs. These models typically have a model number ending in 1 (eg. SCPH-50001).

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Q: Can you play region 1 dvds on a PlayStation?
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Can a playstation 3 play region 1 dvds?


Does it hurt your PlayStation if you put a DVD in it?

No PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 can play DVDs PlayStation 1 just will not be able to read the disc

Can region 1 dvds play on Australian computers?


Can you PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 1?

No you can not PlayStation does not even read the PS2 DVDs. It's like asking if a CD player can play DVD movies, it can't be done.

Are American DVDs region 1?

Yes. Region 1 DVDs are for all of North America.

Can Japanese region 2 DVDs play on American region 1 DVD players?

No, they are two different regional format. Unless you have an all Region DVD Player which is not available anywhere. Your computer might be able to play these Japanese DVDs but you have to change the regional format of your computer to region 2. Setback is you cannot play Region 1 anymore on your computer.

You are trying to purchase a DVD which only plays in region 1 Can PS2 play this types of DVD's?

PS2 play your region DVDs and not all regions

Can play Playstation 3 region 1 console on ps3 game region 3?

No it is not based on region and is based on the TV signals for the PS3s

Can a PlayStation 1 play PlayStation 3 games?

You can not play PlayStation 3 games on a PlayStation 1, but you can play PlayStation 1 games on a PlayStation 3. All of the PlayStation consoles are backwards compatible.

Can european PS3 games be played in the american PS3?

Yes. The Sony PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system does not have region lockout for PlayStation 3 games, therefore European games can be played on a Region 1 PS3 and vice versa. However, the same does not apply for Blu-ray movies, DVDs, and PlayStation 2 games.

Can a Region 4 PS3 play all region DVDs?

well, i recently got 2 region 1 dvds (im from aus) and both worked on my 2009 model PS3 and yet they both said region 1 on the cover. BUT, it doesnt mean that some dvds still wont work on it. Really, it just depends on the dvd. Some companies make region free dvds and put on the front/back cover a certain region. Try it anyway. I hope i helped! :)

Can you play PlayStation 2 games on PlayStation 1?

No you can not it is not compatible for the playstation 1