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You most certainly can.

Just download all the expansion packs on your PC then use the latest game disc(i believe) and play.

It should come with all the content and add-ons (items, jobs, maps, etc...)


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Q: Can you play more than one expansion pack at the same time in Sims 3?
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Can you play the sims 2 pets expansion pack without the sims 2 pets?

No you can't you need the expansion pack to play it.

What sims game do you need to play the sims 2 seasons expansion pack?

It's a Sims 2 expansion pack so you need Sims 2.

Can you buy a sims three expansion pack without the game?

You have to have the Sims 3 base game to play any expansion pack.

Do you need sims 2 castaway expansion pack to play sims castaway stories?

I believe you can play Sims Castaway Stories without having to download the Sims 2 Castaway expansion pack.

What is a extension pack I have the Sims 2 extension pack but do you need another pack to set the pack up?

Well you can't just have sims 2 expansion pack, you have to have the original Sims 2 before you can play and expansion pack

Is there a cheat or hack to play a Sims 2 expansion pack without the original Sims 2?

No there isn't, the only way to play an expansion pack is to have the base game installed.

How do you play the sim 3 genration expansion pack without the first Sims 3?

u can't. u have to have the first sims 3 to play any expansion pack

Do you need the sims 3 in order to play the sims 3 pets expansion pack. Or do you need the sims 3 pets to play the sims 3 pets expansion pack?

You need to have Sims3 installed on your computer in order the be able to use ANY expansion packs.

Can download the sims expansion pack without CD?

No you can't, you need the disk of the expansion pack to play the game.

If you have more than one expansion pack on the sims 2 which disk do you insert if you want to play both?

You need to insert the disk to the newest expansion pack you have. Both pack will be played.

Can you get the Sims 3 Late Night without the expansion pack?

On PC, the Sims 3 Late Night is an expansion pack, and so you can only play it if you have the Sims 3 installed already.

Can you play the Sims 2 with the original disc AFTER you've installed an expansion pack and still have all the perks of the expansion pack?

No, You Can't you have to use the expansion pack disc