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Yes, all you need to do is install the game on an xbox.

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Q: Can you play halo wars system link with one disk?
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Can you download halo on xbox 360?

I want to play system link on both of my xbox 360s, but one can't read disks, so I was wondering if you could download it as well as get it on a disk.

Can you play Halo 2 system link with one disk?

AnswerNope Sorry.there is one way but its illegal and i don't recommend you do it.its chipping your Xbox if you do then you can just play the games off a hard drive and install them by putting in a game.

Can you system link halo 1 on cooperative play?

i think so but im not sure

Can you play halo 3 odst online without the disk?


How play halo reach on local?

To play local on halo reach, start at the title screen when you start up the game. Hit main menu, then custom games. That is local gaming. (Meaning people on your xbox, not system link. For system link I don't know how.)

Can you link an Xbox with an Xbox 360?

Yes, but only to play system link xbox games that are compatible on the 360 (like Halo, Halo 2 and the like) but not to play system link on games that are on both (Battlefield 2 Modern Combat) using one 360 version and one Xbox version

What do you use to play halo reach beta?

You put in your Halo 3:ODST campaign disk and go to play the BETA and download it.

Your Halo 3 disk does not let you play solo play?

well you defiantly can play solo on Halo fact that's all i played

How can you play the Halo Reach Beta without getting Halo ODST?

There is no way to get it without the Halo 3: ODST Campaign disk.

Can you play Halo 3 odst online with Halo 3 players?

If you mean the Multiplayer disk that came with ODST then yes, but if you mean the ODST campaign disk then no.

Can you play against other people on Xbox live on halo 3 odst?

On the second disk, the multiplayer disk.

Can you play any Xbox system link game with one disk?

The simplest answer is no, it is, in a way possible if you were to make a copy of the disk on a modded xbox, but that defeats the purpose of the one disk question.