Can you play games on a DVD player?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some DVDs are specially made to be games for such players, but in general, no.

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Q: Can you play games on a DVD player?
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Can you play PC games on an external DVD player?

No You Can Not.

Is it possible to play ps1 games on a DVD player?

No it is not. A DVD player is not a game console and plays DVDs

Can you play CD-ROM games on a DVD player?

No you can not, as CD-ROM games are for a PC or MAC.

Can I play Ps2 games as DVD's?

No you can not. You need a Playstation 2 to play PS2 game Discs not a DVD player or a PC with a DVD drive and no emulator and PS2 bios

Can you play ps2 games on a 1?

No, a PS2 uses DVD technology and a PS1 CD technology. Same as trying to play a DVD in a CD player.

Why would a movie play in DVD player but not in a play station 3?

dvds are different than games

Do you need a DVD player to play PC games? don't need a DVD player,but you do need a computer or special game box. Lissa15

Would a HD DVD play on a DVD with HDMi?

To play a HD DVD you need a HD DVD player. A standard DVD player will not play a HD DVD, nor will a Blu-ray player. HDMI is just a connection: it won't give your standard DVD player superpowers.

How do you maintain a DVD player?

dvd play but not play vcd

How do put your ps2 on your DVD player?

PS2 games do not play on a DVD Player. To Play a DVD in a PS2 just put it in the disc drive

What brand of DVD player is best for playing DVD-R's?

Sony is a great brand of DVD player that will play DVD-R's. This brand of player will not only play DVD-R's but it will play them in great quality, unlike other DVD-R players.

What to do if your ps2 doesnt play your games?

Confirm that they are PS2 games for this region and try a DVD to see if that will play. If the DVD does not play it is probably your DVD drive that is broken