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no you cant

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Q: Can you play football manager on a hp g61?
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What are specification for HP G61 LAPTOP?

There are many versions of the HP Pavilion G6. See related links for one model.

Which is better dell inspiron 1545 or hp G61 410sa?

Yes it is better but buying it would cost more than a HP G61-429. The 1545 has a dual-core 2.3GHz processor while the G61 only has a 2.1GHz single core. Also it depends on what you're doing with your pc .If it's for gaming I would get the 1545 but for office work, since you don't need the extra processing speed, you could get the G61 and save some money.

Does the hp laptop model G61-409CA support the Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3GHz 512 800SL6WK 478 pin?

no it does not you idiot it uses a frickin amd CPU not Intel. gosh

Will a HP G61-320US NoteBook play world of Warcraft?

Based on the tech notes for this computer it will run World of Warcraft. However it is also based on your systems "health", if your hard drive is full, you have too many proccesses running, you have viruses/malware, etc., it may not run properly if at all.

Will an Hp G61-320US Laptop play World of Warcraft well?

Yes, that model of Laptop will run World of Warcraft very nicely. However you might want to consider having the graphics upgraded to something along the lines of 512mb. With wrath of the lich king, dalaran takes a TON of graphics and processing power.

Can battlefield 3 play on a hp pavilion p2 series?

Yeah, have it on high priority via task manager and lower the graphics, and close other apps.

What products are available from HP Openview?

HP OpenView was the former name for a Hewlett Packard product family that consists of network and systems management products. They have several products such as HP OpenView SOA Manager, HP OpenView Connect-it.

How do you reinstall Windows 8 64 bit on an hp g61 if it has a different product id?

Legally - you can't. The original copy of Windows 8 that came with the computer, is matched to the specific machine - by data held in the registry. To stay legal, you would have to use the disc that came with the computer - not someone else's copy.

What can you do with a BA degree in Business Marketing?

You can become a marketing manager in a office i.e attos and hp

Can you play dvds on your HP laptop?


Why cant hp zeen watch video?

youtube it doest play the movie hp zeen

Can you play hp games offline on your computer?