Can you play doom 3 on xbox 360?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes with a HD and the backward compatibility update

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Q: Can you play doom 3 on xbox 360?
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What doom games are for the 360?

Doom 3, as well as its expansion, Doom 3: Ressurection of Evil are on Xbox 360. Doom 1 (the original game) can be purchased on Xbox Arcade.

Can you play Xbox doom3 on Xbox 360 slim?

I am Pretty sure it will, As the slim is an upgrade form the lower 360 platform so as long as you have the update from xbox live you should be able to play doom 3 on the 360 slim

Does doom 3 for Xbox work with Xbox 360?

only if online

Can you play doom 3 for the original Xbox on the Xbox360?

i dont know my friend says you can because you know he has halo 2 for the original xbox on his 360 so i guess you can? edit: you can but there is no xbox live

What is better Xbox 360 or Play Staytion 3?

the xbox 360.

Is there a way you can play Driver 3 on the Xbox 360?

Unfortunately not. Driver 3 was not released on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox version is not compatible on the Xbox 360.

Can you play new Xbox 360 games halo 3 on older Xbox?

If you are referring to an "older xbox" as the regular xbox, then the answer is no. but if you are referring it as the first models of the xbox 360, then you can play halo 3 or any new xbox 360 games on your Xbox 360.

What is best xbox 360 or playstasion 3?

XBOX 360. but Play Station 3 also good.

Can you play sim city 3 on xbox 360 kinect?

No you can only play minecraft with a xbox 360 controller.

Does anyone play FEAR 3 online on Xbox 360?

Yes, there are many people who play FEAR 3 online on Xbox 360.

Can you play doom 3 with two players on the same xbox?


Is it possible to play an xbox 360 game such as halo 3 or reach on an xbox original?

No, there is no way to play Xbox 360 games on a original Xbox console.