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People ON computers: Only if you are also on one. You don't game Cross-platform, usually.

Computers, meaning AI's:

Only for Firefight and the Campaign.

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Q: Can you play against computers on halo reach?
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Can you play against computers in forge on halo reach?

On halo 3 you can't so I would doubt it

What sport do red play against blue?

halo reach

How do you play as a hunter in halo reach?

It is impossible to play as a hunter in Halo Reach...

Can you play against other Sparta ns on halo reach?

yes i can and im only 5

Do you need 200 gb hardrive to play halo reach?

No, I play halo reach on my 4gb xbox.

On halo reach who do you play as?

on Halo Reach you play as Noble six. hope this helps! -Raderboy4 (aka Mario2903)

Do you have to have the latest Xbox 360 to play halo reach?

No. You can play Halo Reach on the old Xbox 360 consols.

How many people play halo reach?

An approximate 8.4 million people Play Halo Reach a day

Do kids sometimes play halo?

I do im 7 and I play halo reach

How do you be good at halo reach?

Play halo wars :D

Do you have to have Kinect to play halo reach?

Nope! Halo Reach isn't compatible with Kinect at all.

How can you play halo reach demo firefight?

they dont have a firefight demo for halo reach soz