How many people play halo reach?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An approximate 8.4 million people Play Halo Reach a day

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Q: How many people play halo reach?
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Is Halo Reach a 1-4 multilayer game?

How many people can play on 1 Tv,when you have Halo reach?

What Halo game should I get?

Most people prefer Halo: Reach. Many people also like Halo 3. You can play awesome online games on both. I prefer Halo: Reach.

How many people are going to play halo reach multiplayer?

236459 me one of them

Do you shoot people in halo reach?

Yes you are required to shoot people in halo reach, as in all halo games, shooting is the main component in halo reach. IN other words, you can't play the game without shooting people.

How do you play as a hunter in halo reach?

It is impossible to play as a hunter in Halo Reach...

Is there a halo game that you can play with people from around the world?

Yes. Halo 3 and Halo: Reach both have Matchmaking.

Does any Disney channel stars play halo reach?

no because disney people are not bad but halo reach have guns and kill

Do you need 200 gb hardrive to play halo reach?

No, I play halo reach on my 4gb xbox.

On halo reach who do you play as?

on Halo Reach you play as Noble six. hope this helps! -Raderboy4 (aka Mario2903)

Do you have to have the latest Xbox 360 to play halo reach?

No. You can play Halo Reach on the old Xbox 360 consols.

Do kids sometimes play halo?

I do im 7 and I play halo reach

How do you be good at halo reach?

Play halo wars :D