Can you play Xbox without controllers?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well there are many styles of controllers ranging from Guitars to regular controllers. But without one of these types of controllers no you can not play.

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Q: Can you play Xbox without controllers?
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Can you play with 2 players on your xbox without being on xbox live but with to controllers?

Yes, if your game supports split-screen multi-player then you may play with a friend as long as you have two controllers hooked up.

Can the xbox Kinect play Halo Reach With controllers?

no with the knect but yes with xbox360 and controllers.

Can you play with old xbox 360 controllers on new xbox 360 systems?


Will the new Xbox 360 controllers play on the Xbox elite?

Yes they work

What are the best Xbox accessories?

The most important Xbox accessories are extra controllers. Many Xbox games allow four players to play simultaneously and this is only possible with four controllers.

What controllers do you need to play rock band 2 on xbox 360?

okay if you what to play with the drummer you need the rock band controllers and the drums

Can you play an arcade xbox 360 controller to xbox 360 elite?

all xbox 360 controllers are compatible with all xbox 360s

Do Xbox controllers work for Xbox 360?

No, original XBOX controllers do not work for the XBOX 360.

Can you play dead island offline?

I have not played Dead Island but My answer is no you cant play coop without Xbox live and maybe you can if u have spare controllers those are my best suggestions but it is stupid that u need this Xbox Live on these things

Can you play call of duty world at war with your friends?

On Xbox you can. Either on Xbox Live using internet connection, co-op campaign with two controllers, or custom match with Xbox Live or two controllers

Will the Xbox 360 controllers work on the old Xbox?

They will not work on the old Xbox. But if you have a hard drive on your Xbox 360, you can play old Xbox games right on your Xbox 360, and then you can use the Xbox 360 controller to play old Xbox games.

Does Dreamgear controllers have the traditional XBox Controller Shape?

Yes, Dreamgear controllers for XBox have the same design and shape as traditional XBox Controllers.