Can you play PS2 games on a PS3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You only can play PS2 games on the First models of the PS3 Fat most of the 80 GB models and all of the 160 GB Fat models do not play PS2 games. The only ones that do are the 60 GB model and the 80 GB model with the 4 USB ports. 80 GB PS3s with only 2 USB ports do not play PS2 games even if they are the Fat Ones.

yeah you can but only the ps3 fat not the slim , and you can also play ps1 games on ps3 fat ( remember only ps3 fat ) .

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Q: Can you play PS2 games on a PS3?
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Can you play ps2 games on the PS3?

No you can not play the PS2 games on the new PS3 and you can not play the PS3 games on the PS2

Can PS2 play with PS3 games?

No.But PS3 can play PS2 games and PS2 can play PS1 games.

Can the 80gb PS3 play ps2 games?

PS3 can play PS2 games.

Can you play PS3 games in the PS2?

The PS2 can never play PS3 games

Which PS3 can you play ps2 games on?

every ps3 you can play ps2 games on

Can the PS3 play all PS2 games?

No PS3 can Play all PS2 games

Can you play PS1 and PS3 games in a PS2 console?

You can not play PS3 games on a PS2 console

Can PS3 games play on the ps2 system?

No, but some versions of the ps3 can play ps2 games

Playing PS2 backups on PS3?

It is possible to play PS2 games on a PS3 game system. You cannot play PS3 games on a PS2.

How do you play PS3 game in ps2?

You do not the PS2 can not ever play PS3 games

How can you crack a ps2 game to work on a ps3?

PS2 games can not be made to play on a PS3 that does not already play PS2 games

Can a 360gb PS3 play ps2 games?

There is not 360 GB PS3 and the 320 GB PS3 does not play PS2 games