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Yes, however you need to mod it. Google mcboot, and have a copy of 007: agent under fire and a blank DBD handy.

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Q: Can you play NTSC ps2 games in color on a PAL tv?
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Can you play ntsc Playstation 2 games on a pal Playstation 3?

no cause its ntsc

Can Indian Wii cds work on us Wii?

Probably not, (Ahem) There are 2 regions of Wiis. PAL and NTSC. PAL Wiis can only play PAL games. NTSC games can only be played by NTSC Wiis. NTSC is usually for The USA, PAL is generally for everywhere else. There are also NTSC-J Wiis in japan.

Does a ntsc Wii play pal games?

No, unfortunately not. Your best bet is to purchase NTSC games off the internet, from eBay or a similar website.

Does a Wii game from Dubai play in USA?

No it won't play because wii games in Dubai are PAL and US games are NTSC. Except if you have a pal wii

Do NTSC xbox 360 games work on pal xbox 360s?

No. NTSC games will not work on a PAL Xbox 360.

Can European Wii games play on an American Wii?

Wii has got Multi region and PAL and NTSC If your wii is multi it will open any kind of games PAL-European somehow won't be able to play NTSC-American And the opposite applies

Can you play Persona 3 Portable NTSC on a PAL PSP-3000?

PSP games are not region locked - and the PSP plays in NTSC format regardless - PAL and NTSC are TV display resolutions, when used in a PSP context it just refers to area of origin.

Can play ps2 format pal in TVs ntsc of US?

No most US televisions do not Play PAL some can be set to play PAL

Can you play xbox ntsc games in UK?

The short answer is no. The UK uses different AC voltage and plugs from the US, and also a different television system (PAL) from the US (NTSC). These are not compatible. (Television programs traded back and forth have to be converted, to be watched.)

Can you play mortal kombat Armageddon NTSC for Xbox Original on your PAL xbox 360?

sorry, no you can not. NTSC is a format that can only be played on a NTSC console. NTSC and PAL are two different coding methods. NTSC is coded for the North America and South America. pal is coded for across seas.

Can you play NTSC PS2 games on a PAL PS2 Console?

Normally you cannot. It will make your screen do this rolling thing. You will have to make it so your console can play copied games and then convert it from NTSC to PAL. It is not all that hard to do if you know what you are doing. That guide I mentioned above told my friend how to do most everything with copying console games.

Can you play UK games on an American DS?

Yes because the DS is not region locked so unlike the other consoles where you can only play PAL region games (Most of Europe, Africa excluding West Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand) in a PAL console or NTSC (The Americas excluding Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay that use PAL and Japan) games in a NTSC console.