Can you play Maple Story on a Mac?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Originally No. You can though if you use VMware Fusion.

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Q: Can you play Maple Story on a Mac?
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Can you play Maplestory on a iMac?

There is no Mac version of Maple Story but if you have a recent iMac with an Intel processor than you can run Windows on your iMac and play the Windows version of Maple Story - see related link below for details.

What are the steps to download maple story in a mac?

google maplestory for mac

Can a mac play maple story?

No you can't nor can you play it on a Windows 7. The person who gave this answer before me is only half correct. They are correct in the fact you can't play Maple Story on a Mac. Where they are incorrect is that you can't play it on Windows 7. You can indeed play Maple Story on Windows 7 because the laptop I'm using right now has it installed plays and it has Windows 7. you can play maplestory on windows 7 if you run it in copatability mode. You don't need to use compatibility mode on Windows 7 to play Maple Story. I can take a screen shot right now or a video shot and prove that you do not.

How old do you have to be to join Maple Story?

You have to be atleast 13 to play maple story

Why is maple story offline?

Because maple story sucks, go play a real game.

In Maple story how can you play omok?


Can you play maple story on ps3?

No, Maplestory is a windows based game only. Maplestory can only be played on a PC, but if you install it on a Mac, you have to install windows onto your mac, then download Maplestory onto the windows side of your Mac computer.

Should you play maple story?


Why wont it let you play maple story private server when you have regular maple story?

You need to have the installation of the program of the private server. Check out the website of the private maple story server what is the requirement and installation needed to play

How many people play maple story?


Can you play Maplestory without it messing up your computer?

Maple story is a great game, i love to play it. My parents also wouldn't let me play maple story, until i finally convinced them. So maple story is completely safe, unless you count a little lag unsafe.

What do you do if it wont let you play maple story?

Refresh the page.