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yes but it is illegal and you can't download addons steam can also trace you if you play gmod without steam for prolonged periods of time so I recommend not using a pirated copy of gmod. it is also likely that you can't play online based on other reports of pirated copies and besides nobody likes a pirater

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โˆ™ 2011-03-03 19:41:25
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Q: Can you play Gmod without steam?
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Where can you download gmod?

go to the steam website, and look for gmod 10 there, but to play it you need to download steam.

How do you start Gmod 9 without steam?

Garry's mod 9 is free, it was the last free version. it uses steam to launch as it resource files are all valve games. you cant star gmod without steam

I have Gmod on steam but how do you get Gmod 10 on steam?

Gmod 10 is a pay game. It can be purchased from the Steam store at It costs $10

How do you get in a car on gmod?

simply press E on the keyboard next to the cars door :) i play gmod add me on steam username is kayden

How you get in a car in Gmod?

simply press E on the keyboard next to the cars door :) i play gmod add me on steam username is kayden

How do you download Garry's mod without Steam?

go to youtube and type on how to download gmod without stam

Is Gmod downloadable?

On steam

Does GMod has viruses?

Not if you download it from Steam.

How do you download Gmod 9?

Gmod 9 is a free add on to Gary's Mod. This is available through your Steam client. Go to the Steam store and add it to your Steam client.

Do you get to choose your name in Gmod?

Your name is gmod is the same as your steam name. By changing your steam name, you change your name in steam related games. However, bans are not name-specific. They are tied to the steam account, not necessarily the steam name.

What do you need for Gmod?

if your talking about the gmod that you buy off steam, nothing game wise oh, and $10

Can you play gmod on the PS3?

No. Gmod is only for PC

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