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No, you can use the motherlode cheat as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the amount of money you have.

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Q: Can you only use the motherlode cheat once in The Sims 3?
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Sims 2 apartment life money money money cheat?

You just type in the cheat box, 'motherlode'...... ...... and away you go.(but it only gives you 50.000 each time u do the cheats)

Money cheat for the sims 2?

on PC type motherlode it givs you $50,000 I would say family funds! alright, here is an example familyfunds Lawrence +999999 you have to have familyfunds 'your familys surname' +'whatever number you choose' NOTE: The number you choose can only be 6 numbers long!

Is there cheats for the Sims 3 when it releases if so could you tell me some?

The only one I know is motherlode. You click shift+cntrl+c and then type motherlode while in your sims home. You get 50,000 simeleons. Dunce.

What are all the cheat codes for The Sims 2 for PC?

There are lots of cheat codes for The Sims 2. With each expansion pack that is installed, more cheats become available for use. The link below lists all the cheat codes for The Sims 2, its expansion packs, and are compatible for the PC version only. and sometimes (only PC) if you press ctrl +shift + C together then type in "help" it lists most of the cheats such as motherlode (50k simoliens), kaching (1k simoliens), maxmotives (sets all sims motives to full (except for environment), and many more.

Are the cheats for The Sims 2 the same in sims 3?

Yes, just hold Command/Ctrl, shift and c at the same time and then type the desired cheat. Here are my favorite cheats: help- shows a few cheats Kaching- gives you $1,000 Motherlode- gives you $50,000 He its emidx. if you want some cheats type in help in the cheat bar. you will get all the cheats available x

On the Sims 2 is there a cheat to get loads of money?

press cntr+shift+c the cheat bar will come at the top of the screen. type in motherlode But if that does not work use kaching then if you want to repeat its effect you have to press up and then enter its effect will only be 1,000 and motherloads effect is 50,000 hope you liked my advise Jaybuzz5

How do you edit names on sims lifestories?

There are many ways you can do cheats on Sims Lifestories you can open the cheat box by doing ctrl shift and c to open the cheat box and you can type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and motherlode to get $50,000 and kaching to only get $1,000 and theres agesimscheat on and addneighbortofamilycheat on and others too so just check these out for me and see if they work k write back if you guys can too k.

Can 3 sims in sims 2 woohoo together?

No. They're can only be 2 sims. And only adults unless you do the cheat. You find it on youtube.

What is the cheat to make your sim have triplets on The Sims 2?

Can only have twins but the cheat is forcetwins

Can robots have babies on Sims 2 seasons?

only if you cheat.

How do you do mother lode on sims ps2?

I know a cheat ok go to the market buy more than 58 3 star catfish than go home put them in the fridge wait 20 seconds wait and count slowly once that is done take it out of the fridge go to the market and return that click the check thingy and there you go=-D hope it works

Is their a cheat gnome for sims 3?

nope sorry, only a Llama