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no unless you defeat it


otherwise every time it flees you just have to find it again i caught it so i know hope i helped! (:
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Q: Can you only have 1 chance at getting Cresselia in pearl?
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How and where do you get the item which evolves togetec in pearl?

no only cresselia is there

What is Pokemon 102 in diamond and pearl?

Pokémon #102, in Pokémon versions Diamond and Pearl, is Cresselia, the Lunar Pokémon. Cresselia is #488 on the National Pokédex, which is the Pokédex that lists all known Pokémon thus far. Cresselia is a legendary Pokémon in both the Diamond and Pearl versions of the Pokémon game and only one Cresselia can be found in the wild in both games. For more information about Cresselia, visit the "Related Links" on this page under this answer.

Is Cresselia is a legendarie Pokemon?

yes it is a legendary can only be find i think in Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum

Who are all the legendarys you can catch in pearl?

palkia,,azelf,mesprit,uxie,heatran,cresselia and giratina(but only in altered forme) U r welcome

How do you get cresselia on your team on explorers of sky?

I looked it up, you can get Cresselia, but it doesn't say how. It only says you can get Cresselia at Sharpedo Bluff.

Can you catch cresselia in cerulean cave?

no, cresselia can only be caught in gens 4+

Why does it say area unknown for cresselia?

because it was only one and not the whole colony of cresselia

How do you get aself to reappear on Pokemon pearl?

i don't think you can you only get one chance with them

Can anyone list all the lengendary Pokemon you can get without going to a Nintendo event?

Palkia (pearl only) Dialga (diamond only) Giratina (platnium,diamond or pearl) Rotom Uxie Mesprit Azelf Heatran Cresselia Manaphy (you need Pokemon ranger to get Manaphy)

What are the legendary Pokemon's names on pearl?

palkia heatran uxie mesprit azlef regigigas giratina cresselia rotom phione manaphy EVENT ONLY darkrai arceus shaymin

Is there any other way to catch a burmy in pearl besides with the yellow tree?

Sadly, no. You must spread honey on a honey tree, that's your only chance to getting one. I'm sorry.

What Pokemon do find get in route 209?

Starly: Chance; 20% Chansey: Chance; 5% Bibarel: Chance; 45% Staravia: Chance; 25% Mime Jr.: Chance; 5% (Diamond only.) Bonsly: Chance; 5% (Pearl only.) Zubat: Chance; 10% (Night) Gastly: Chance; 10% (Night)