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In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, you only have one chance to capture Uxie. If Uxie faints or if you run away, then you will not get another chance to capture it. The answer is no.

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Q: Does uxie come back when you run away?
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What if you run from a uxie?

It will run away

What happens if the Uxie runs away?

Uxie doesn't run away. Mesprit does. So don't worry.

How come after you ran from uxie it came back?

well the theory is that it might of been 1. once u run from battle uxie might have healed itself waitn till its ether captured or defeated 2.its like most legendaries taunting u in a way by comin back after u run or get defeated

How do you catch Uxie and Azelf in Pokemon Platinum?

They will run away, and you have to find them in the wild and capture them.

Can your Nintendogs run away and never come back?

No it can not so please do not worry.

What do i do as soon as I've saved uxie mespirit and azelf?

catch them from there lakes then mespirit will run away so maybe use a materball

How do you catch uxie on pearl?

After the events of spear pillar check out all of the lakes and battle uxie and azelf, Mesprit will run away Sargent Pickles response: I caught uxie but defeated azelf by accident and i tried like 20 pokeballs on uxie until i had to use my master ball it just would give in lol but u can catch it :)

Where do you find UXIE when you run from battle?

you cant once you ran you cannot find uxie again

How do you get into your petville bathtub?

click on it, then starve your pet til they run away, when they come back, they appear in the tub!!!!!!

Do narcissistic men dump you then come back?

Yes - and they do it all over again. RUN AWAY ASAP!

What if uxie isn't at lake acuity?

You have either fainted it or it isn't time yet. You HAVE TO beat the elite four before you catch any of the 3 guardians. If this is not the reason, there is no way the uxie isn't their... only creselia and me sprit run away. Hope i helped

What to do with the 3 lakes Pokemon Diamond?

when your Pokemon learned surf, use it on a lake. you will see a cave. enter to the cave and you will see uxie,mesprit or azelf.Azelf and uxie will ran away but you will be able to fight with mespit,it will run away and you must chase it with your poketch's map.But you cant catch it until you catch dialga or palkia.