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No, you can't mix records in Pokémon Platinum in order to get the Secret Key from a friend.

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Q: Can you mix records in Pokemon Platinum to get the secret key?
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Is there a cheat on the UK Pokemon diamond for getting the Secret Key?

You can only get the secret key in Pokemon Platinum

Where do you get secret key Pokemon platinum?

you need wifi do get it!

What do you use the secret key for in Pokemon platinum?

well you need the secret key for team galactics HQ

When is the event for the secret key in Pokemon platinum?

Already happening............

Secret key in platinum?

You can't get the Secret Key in Pokemon Platinum without Action Replay, unfortunately. You can get Action Replay from most major websites.

What do you after you use the secret key in Pokemon platinum?

stop being a Pokemon playin douche

Can you get the secret key in Pokemon platinum with no cheats?

obtian the mystory event

Where is the secret key supposed to be used in Pokemon platinum?

The Old Cheatu.

Can you get a Pokemon platinum game with the secret key in it and restart the game and still get to the secret room?

No you have to get it again.

How can you get Rotom to change forms in Pokemon Platinum Version?

give him a secret key the different secret key the different rotom

When is the next secret key event for Pokemon platinum?

check for info on upcoming events for Pokemon Diamond,Pearl,Platinum.

Were do you get the secret room key in Pokemon platinum?

It's an event-only item.