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you can use sunnyday so you dont to recharge for solarbeam

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Q: Can you make a Pokemon not recharge a move?
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What is the TM for hyperbeam?

I do not actually know but hyperbeam is the all powerfull move but must makes your Pokemon recharge...Sorry if it does not make sense.

How do you make a Pokemon sprite move?

it will only move if you have pokemon black or pokemon white.

How do you make a Pokémon forget a move in Pokémon emerald?

to make a Pokemon forget a move by a man living in a house who will make a Pokemon forget a move for free but if you want the Pokemon to remember the move it will cost you a heart scale

Where do you get thunderbolt in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't get an HTM for thunderbolt if that's what you mean. Usually pokemon come with the skill thunderbolt like an ampharos, my ampharos learned discharge, thunderbolt, thunderpunch, and recharge. Also a large amount of electric pokemon come with this move or earn this move from evolving.

How do you make a pokemon forget a HM move?

talk to the move deleter

How do you make a Pokemon forget a move on Pokemon emerald?

go to lilycove and move deleter's house is near ocean

What move is stronger roar of time or spacial rend?

Well, Spacial Rend Is Better Because Because After U Use It UR Pokemon Doesn't Need To Recharge.

What is up with the lady at Cape Brink in leaf green?

She teaches your started Pokemon a move when you train it enough OR beat the elite four these are the moves: Charizard: Blast Burn Venusaur: Frenzy Plant Blastiose: Hydro Cannon If you use this move, the Pokemon can't move on the next turn because it needs to recharge its energy

How do you recharge your game sync on Pokemon black?

save after midnight.

How do you move boulders in Pokemon White?

make one of your pokemon learn the hm strength

How do you make a Pokemon learn a new move in Pokemon Indigo?

In order to learn a new move, the Pokemon must forget moves first. Then, it has to level up and it will learn the move it should have already learned.

How do you make a Pokemon forget an hm in Pokemon emerald?

move deleter in lilycve (end of game)