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i dont know make a deal

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Q: Can you let people go when you grab them in prototype 2?
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What is the mean of let's go grab a bite?

go get something to eat

What do you do to let the boy know that you want to have a sex?

try to grab his penis and if he lets ya grab it go for it

How do you say let's go grab in spanish?

Vamos a ir a tomar

How do you grab fishy in aqua grabber?

you have to go to soda seas get all of the cans of soda than go to the 1 hole than hit the top of it grab the worm and let the fish grab him

Can you pick up guns in the game prototype?

Yes, there are actually 2 different ways. 1: If u kill a Blackwatch (if that's the name) they will drop their gun. Go to the gun and press the same button you use to grab people and you pick up the gun. 2: You can buy an upgrade that allows you to consume people in 'stealth mode' If you consume a Blackwatch you will automatically grab his gun to.

How do you save endangering bird?

If it is a baby you should keep it till it is grown up the let it go

How do you you grab on to the ring on red dragon island?

click on the ring and to let go click again.

How do you get an honest answer from a dishonest boss?

grab him by the testicles and dont let go until he answers truthfully

What is the opposite of let go of?

Hold on to. Maintain. Grasp. Hoard. Clutch. Grab. Keep. Possess.

How do you let go of an item in ssf2 demo version 5a?

just press the grab button

How do you trade weapons in castle crashers?

The way I trade weapons with a partner without going back to the blacksmith is by finding a weapon that isn't being held by anyone and grabbing it. You will let go of your old weapon so your partner can grab it. You partner will drop their weapon when they grab it so you are free to grab their weapon.The way you grab it with out buying it is to go into insane mode then go to the flowery field and let the bees kill the king an he will drop it and you can pick it up

How do you use mushrooms to fly in the minish cap?

You grab them with the R button and pull and then let go and you fly and stuff.