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Q: Can you install custom firmware on a psp running on 4.05 official firmware without using a Pandoras battery?
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Why do you need a pandoras battery and magic memory stick to install custom firmware?

Cause you need to make you PSP Go To the lowest firmware (kinda like downgrade) Then you can install you custom firmware

I have 3.90 firmware installed on my psp slim how do i install a custom firmware like 3.90 M33 on it instead?

Get a pandoras battery and magic memory card...

Can you install custom firmware without pandora's battery?

You're in luck! There seems to be a homebrew enabler out for official firmware 5.03.

How do you know if you have custom firmware installed?

you won't be able to buy a psp with cfw on it. instead check out this Pandora battery and magic memory stick guide which will help you install cfw.

You have 3.95 firmware on your PSP fat how do you install a custom firmware like 3.95 gen on it if you hadn't Pandora's battery and magic memory card?

u need magic memory stick and Pandora battery sorry i got same problem. What evera u do, do not attempt to make a pandoras batttery unless u have a spare battery cause u cant use Pandora to actually play da psp

Can you install custom firmware 5.00 on a psp running on official firmware?

Yes. However if you have a more recent firmware such as 6.20 or 6.10 you cant. It only works with psp 1000 and 2000

What type of software to install acekard 2?

You can use the official AceKard firmware, but for more support use AKAIO (Acekard all in one)

How can you get GBA game on a v5.51 PSP?

Emulators. Obviously you are not running Custom Firmware. If your psp is a fat or a 2000/slim this should work.You need a magic memory stick and a Pandora's battery. Learn how to make one or buy one off the internet.Insert the Magic Memory Stick First, Then the Pandora's battery. It will turn on by itself. Press X to install the m33 firmware. What this does is install a hacked firmware to your psp to play homebrew, emulators and backups of your games into your psp.Now download everything!

How do you install PSP-pda onto your PSP?

You must have a firmware installed other than the Official Sony firmware in order to use psp-pda. If you need help putting a "Custom Firmware" onto your psp you can find an almost limitless selection of tutorials online. Then you just need to place it in the game folder.

What do you do when you first get the r4ds?

== First you need to install firmware onto your MicroSD Card. If you have the official R4DS, this comes in a CD. If not, you will need to go to the manufacturer's website to download their custom firmware. Usually you just copy a "_DS_MENU.dat" file and a folder to the root of your MicroSD Card.

Can you install a S60 firmware on S40 mobile phone?

No You Cant!

How do you uncrash an iPad?

Put it into recovery mode and then re-install the firmware.