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You can, but they can't be on the same server.

The first person that got on the server will be kicked, the second person will instead be on.

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Q: Can you have the same minecraft account on two separate computers on at the same time?
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Can you get 2 computers with the same log in on Minecraft?

Yes, you can use Minecraft on as many computers as you want to after you purchase it. However, only one person can play Minecraft at a time online. This means that you can't play minecraft with your friends unless they have purchased Minecraft as well.

Can you play offline on two computers with the same minecraft account?

no if online yes if offline

Were can you find iron in minecraft pocket edition?

Same place as the computers vanilla Minecraft.

Can you only play minecraft on the computer you installed it on?

In a sense, yes, but in another sense, no. You do not need to install Minecraft to play it on a computer, you can simply run it in your internet browser on However, if you want to run Minecraft without an internet connection, or without visiting, you must install Minecraft on your computer. You can install Minecraft on multiple computers under the same account, but your saved worlds will not sync between computers.

How many different computers can a single World of Warcraft packet be installed on?

World of Warcraft can be installed on as many computers as you want. The problem is that you need a CD key and a account to play but you can use the same account on every computer you have it installed it on. I.e. you can have any number of computers but you have to pay for a serial number to create your account - each account is separate and costs $15/month to have.

Can you install minecraft on different devices with the same account?

Yes and no.Only if the device is the same family as the original account. If you have a computer Minecraft account and want to play Minecraft on an X-Box you won't be able to.X-box Minecraft accounts will not work on an iOS Minecraft account, etc.You still need to buy seperate iOS, Android, X-Box, Playstation and Computer games/accounts. (Mac, Windows and Linux can use the same account tho.)

How do you cancel your Minecraft account?

Clear all the Minecraft folders on your computer and don't use the same Minecraft name :D

How do you get a Minecraft account on a laptop?

The same way you do on a home PC.

How do you play Minecraft on the computer with no password?

You need a password, it's the same password as your Mojang or Minecraft account.

Is it illegal to put minecraft on another computer in the same house house for free?

Yes; if you're using one account to log into both computers... however you wont be able to play on multiplayer.

Can I use my Ipod and itouch on same itunes account on two computers?

You should be able to use your iPod and iPod Touch on the same iTunes account on both computers.

Could one WikiAnswers account be accessed in two different computers at the same time?

Yes, it is actually possible. You can be on one account on two different computers at the same time, and you can also make contributions on both computers at the same time if you wish.